About PepperBall

PepperBall Technologies is a privately held company with a long history in the development, manufacturing and distribution of less-lethal weapons for military, government, law enforcement, corrections, private security and consumer markets. PepperBall Technologies supplies thousands of users and major agencies including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the United States Border Patrol, thousands of police and sheriff departments in major United States cities, as well as private entities, security services and bail enforcement agencies around the world. It is the most widely recognized name brand and largest supplier of non-lethal PAVA-based launchers and projectiles for those launchers, with over 16,500 launchers and 15 million projectiles sold since its 1999 inception.


Pepperball History

PepperBall Technologies was originally formed in 1996 as an engineering project group of Jaycor, a defense contractor for over 30 years. Jaycor entered the defense sciences marketplace in the late 1970′s and was involved in numerous U.S. Government sponsored projects including: the development of guidelines for the employment of non-lethal technology in operations other than war, product development for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency that culminated in Jaycor’s wireless electro-magnetic device projectile, and Board level participation at the National Institute of Justice Office of Law Enforcement Technology. Tasked with developing non-lethal weapon alternatives for government agencies and commercial markets, a task force developed PepperBall® as its first product for commercialization. A business division was formed in 1998 to bring this product to market.