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20,000M Laser Rangefinder

Brand: Newcon Optik
Newcon Optik at MD Charlton
Product Code: NCLRB20000C

LRB 20000C Long Range LRF is a professional bi-ocular laser rangefinder designed for ground surveillance, target observation and distance measurement up to 20 km.

This rangefinder employs proven time-of-flight delay algorithm to ensure the highest accuracy and a single strong impulse to minimize exposure time.

With an optional angular mount it can also measure horizontal angles and magnetic azimuth, and vertical angles. Result of distance measurement is displayed through the eyepiece and can be transferred for processing via computer output. Unit has a remote control button.

This robust rangefinder can benefit geological and engineering surveying, construction and repair works, maritime navigation, meteorology, and other activities that require accurate long range distance measuring.


  • Distance measurement up to 20 km
  • First or last target selection
  • Illumination for dark conditions
  • Parallel port