25,000M Eye Safe Laser Rangefinder, 1540NM Hover to zoom, click to view full size in new window

LRB 25000 are long range binocular laser rangefinders capable of measuring distance up to 25 km accordingly utilizing time-of-flight delay algorithm and a single-pulse laser technology. The binoculars operate on 1540 nanometer lasers and are Class 1 eye-safe.

Result of measurement is displayed through the eyepiece and can be transferred for processing via computer port (RS232). LRB 25000 can be remotely activated and operated. These instruments have comprehensive digital display and variable range settings.

Compact and lightweight, designed to withstand to withstand wide range of environmental conditions, these binoculars are beneficial for topography, geodesy, marine navigation, highway and power line construction, airborne altimetry and location, meteorology and other professional activities.


  • First/Last target selection
  • High fog/smoke penetration
  • Invisible to night vision devices