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160x120 Thermal Image Riflescope

Brand: Newcon Optik
Newcon Optik at MD Charlton
Product Code: NCTVS13

The TVS 13 thermal riflescope series is designed to act as a force multiplier in the most demanding situations faced by border patrol, law enforcement, tactical teams and special operations forces. The TVS 13 functions effectively in CQB, medium and long range target engagement applications. Advanced in-built ballistics software allows for accurate firing on virtually any weapon platform, while a video output port and internal storage capability enable the capture of video and still images.
The TVS 13 comes standard with a M1913 quick release mount and can also be used as a hand-held observation tool. Unlike traditional night vision devices, the TVS 13 operates 24 hours a day without any degradation in performance when used in daylight, smoke or fog and it can also penetrate camouflage. With a variety of other features including image polarity selection, sepia, rainbow and other colour options, a proximity sensor and full MIL-SPEC design, the TVS 13 is the right choice for tactical applications in any environment.