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The Breaching Kit 2 includes: Halligan Tool with two Tool Holders, Grim Reaper with two Tool Holders, Sledge Hammer with one Tool Holder, 18” Bolt Cutter with Tool Holder, Break & Rake Tool

The BTI Halligan Tool is made entirely of high strength chrome molly steel and the head is heat treated to a hardness of Rc-45. The angled head allows for use in confined spaces and the extra course knurling on the handle means superb grip, no matter what the conditions.


  • 10 lbs. total weight
  • 34" overall length

The BTI Collapsible Break & Rake reduces the standard 6 ft. tool to "trunk size" in a matter of seconds. Robust, high quality is guaranteed. As with all BTI products, you can be assured of Quality and Functionality. All tools designed by the BTI team undergo extensive testing and evaluation prior to you seeing it. We guarantee satisfaction.

  • 8-lbs total weight
  • Fabricated from 180-ksi, 400 Brinell Steel
  • 6-ft overall length
  • Other lengths available

Based upon military feedback, BTI now offers the Grim Reaper. This heavy duty, tool provides the operator multi-function capabilities in a single tool.

  • 12 lbs total weight
  • Fabricated from 180 ksi, 400 Brinell Steel
  • 39 inches overall length

The rugged BTI Bolt Cutters are made in the USA.

  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Compatible with the BTI tool kit system.

The BTI designed Sledge Hammer features a chrome molly head (heat treated to Rc-45) and a light weight, anti-vibration fiberglass handle.This tool is sure to be one of the "most wanted" in the special operators kit.

  • 9 lbs. total weight
  • 24" overall length