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ESP hardened expandable 23" baton

Our hardened expandable batons (ExB) are intended for professional use in extreme conditions. The batons serves for fast self-defence in different conflict situations. The difference to the non-hardened version is the expandable tubes, which are made from a more superior material, which is hardened by heat treatment. Thanks to it, the batons are highly resistant to a flexion if the baton is exposed to a hard stroke. Surface finish is black nickel-zinc (with good resistance to abrasion), or chrome (silver surface).

They meet the requirements of the German standard for expandable batons. This product is suitable for the police, security agencies, and guards, against an assailant armed with a knife, for walking in the country alone or with a dog.

The expandable baton is opened by sharp flick and stays firmly fixed in this position. We have produce hardened batons versions in 5 lengths with 3 types of rubber handles:

  • anti-slip with indented – rough surface .... type "H"
  • anti-slip with indented – gentler surface .... type "HT"
  • ergonomic ... type "HE"
Types of Handles
  • Anti-slip handle with indented – rough "H" or gentler "HT" surface. Specially designed rubber handle enables a fast hold. This design expressively decreases any possibility of the baton being yanked from the hand and gives the user a comfortable certitude.
  • Ergonomic handle has an ergonomic shape with pleasant smooth surface. The rubber is certified for contact with the skin without health risks.
Holders delivered with the expandable baton
All hardened expandable batons are supplied with a high quality plastic holder, for which European patent was granted (EP 1832834):
  • batons of the lengths 16" .... BH-02 holder
  • batons of the lengths 18" and 21" .... BH-34 swiveling holder
  • batons of the lengths 23" and 26" .... BH-35 swiveling holder
Professional plastic holder, which is included in the price of the baton, enables:
  • very quick drawing of the baton just with one hand, since thanks to automatic opening of the holder after unfastening of nylon strap there is almost no friction
  • holder with unfastened nylon strap enables carrying of expanded baton