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5.11 Active Patrol Breaching Kit, Multi

Brand: 5.11 Tactical
511 Tactical Series at MD Charlton
Product Code: 511-50267-999


Ideally suited for law enforcement and emergency service agencies, the Active Patrol Kit facilitates quick, efficient defeat of a wide range of portals. The kit includes the MultiPry, MultiSledge, and Lite Kit Bag. Lightweight and compact, it stores easily in your trunk or locker. The tools included are effective for breaching standard doors and security doors, and for breaching and clearing regular glass and safety glass.

Note: Sale of this item is restricted to law enforcement and fire department agencies only. Confirmation required prior to purchase.


  • Compact, intelligent portal defeat solution
  • Kit includes two breaching tools and a kit bag
  • Stores easily in your trunk or locker
  • Includes Lite Kit Bag
  • Includes MultiPry
  • Includes MultiSledge

Gender: M
Colour: MULTI