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40mm Inert Liquid Barricade, Indoor

Brand: CTS
Combined Systems, Inc at MD Charlton
Product Code: CTS4300

Powder and liquid filled, non-burning, spin-stabilized round designed to penetrate intermediate barriers of moderate density such as windows, interior dry wall and interior doors. The projectile breaks upon impact and delivers an agent payload of powder or liquid throughout the target area.


  • Type: Barricade Penetrating Munitions
  • Caliber: 40MM
  • Weapon Compatibility: All 40MM Launchers, M203, M79 and Multi-Launcher Type
  • Cartridge Length: 4.8” (122 mm)
  • Effective Range*: 50 yards (45 m)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 440-460 ft./sec
  • Discharge Time: Instantaneous
*Effectiveness is dependent upon the type of weapon, angle of impact, environmental conditions, and the type of the intermediate barrier. The greatest probability for penetration occurs when the projectile impacts 90° perpendicular to the intermediate barrier. General usage in tactical situations involves intermediate barriers, such as single pane exterior windows, vehicle windows, pressed wood particle doors, 1-2 layers of wallboard, and interior hollow core doors.

CAUTION: These less-lethal munitions are designed for specific tactical situations. One must be trained specifically in the deployment of barricade penetrating munitions and exercise extreme care and caution to minimize the possibility of this projectile striking a human opposite the barrier.